SINGLE JERSEY with Silver Ions

Composition:100% cotton




We finish the knitted fabric with an antibacterial containing silver ions (SILVERPLUS).

The silver ion finish (SILVERPLUS) ensures the hygiene and
freshness of textiles.

Silver ions are deposited in the interstructural spaces of the yarn and bind by adhesion forces. SILVERPLUS antibacterial activity is based on inhibiting bacterial growth by blocking oxygen transporting enzymes, inactivating their cellular proteins and blocking bacterial cell membranes.

The effectiveness of the antimicrobial finish is tested as a % reduction in bacteria.

Test method : mod. ASTM E 2149-13a test strain: Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 incubation: room temperature, 24 h.

The result of the effectiveness of the finishing depends on many factors. Clearly, the yarn used has a big influence (for example, chopped fibre yarns give better results than filament yarns).

The effectiveness of the antibacterial action is also affected by the method of washing and the number of washes – the higher the washing temperature, the effectiveness of the finishing decreases with each wash more than at lower washing temperatures. It is also worth noting that although the effect of the finishing decreases with more washes, even if it drops to e.g. 75%, there is still a strong antibacterial effect.